V 3.0: Now with dashboard, weather and Google login.

When That is a timetabling system for schools. It enables students to keep track of their timetables and todo lists, in a simple but effective way. It is designed to work the way schools work, around the week system. It is cloud based, allowing students to access their timetables from anywhere without having to store any files.

When That displays student’s timetables for the week. It tells students which day it is, so they can be prepared for the day with their equipment. Students can also find out the number of the school week, as it is important to school activities. They are also shown the current period, so they can see their progress through the day. Students can add the subject and room they have in a period to their timetable.

Students’ todo lists are shown on the side of the page. The todo list shows the days until the task is due, which day and week it is due, and the calendar date it is due. Students can easily add and remove items from the todo list, so it can accurately reflect their assignments and assessments. Teachers can add their own homework, assignments, notices, etc to classes, which students can subscribe to. This allows students to keep track of all activity in their classes. The graphic representation allows students to see where they are in the term, and what they have to do at a glance.

Students can also find the location of their current class using the map feature, which can display the location of any room in the school. This can be configured to make sure that the map is up to date and displays the current names and locations of all the rooms.

Students can customise the look of their timetable, by changing the font, and the background. They also can colour in subjects, to give each subject its own colour. This allows student to have their own timetable.

There are mobile apps which allow students to easily and quickly access their timetable, without having to go to a computer.

Awards and participation can easily be tracked (as entered by the school), and are accessed from the trophy icon.

Also, student can track the items they need for school, using the backpack system. They can add items for each subject, and then just click on the backpack item to find out what they need for the day.

When That is currently being used by Mosman High School.

Why is When That unique?

When That is the only timetabling system to be designed by a student. Having a student design the timetabling system gives unique insights into what students really need and want.

When That gives students their entire day at a glance, from their classes, to the weather, to what they need to take to school. Other timetabling systems compartmentalise all of the features, and do not provide features such as the graphic representations, weather, time and backpack.

Most other timetabling systems do not display the todo items using the week system, which defines most of school. They are also based on business timetabling systems, without taking into consideration student’s unique needs. When That also has a graphic representation, allowing students to see how far through the term they are, and telling them how far away various assignments and assessments are, at a glance.

When That also tells students what they need to take to school every day. This is not a feature of business-based timetabling systems, but is a crucial component for any student timetabling system. What is in a student’s backpack is defined by what classes they have on that day, which could be anything.

When That’s timetable display is also unique, as the display easily show students what they have, when they have classes, and what they have now. They can also colour elements of the timetable to allow them to quickly and easily see their timetable. The timetable display also uses the period system, and breaks the timetable into periods rather than hourly increments.

When That is a unique timetabling, designed by a student to work the way schools and students really work.